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Give a dozen photographers a camera and ask them to take a picture of the same thing and you will more than likely get a dozen very different photographs. While photography is a science, it is also very much an art... In the words of Ansel Adams, "You don't take a photograph, you make it."

The images in these galleries are some of the many photographs I have created. While most of the photos were created for myself, I enjoy sharing them. If there is something you like, please feel free to contact me... I do offer fine quality prints for you to enjoy on your wall or someone you know. Please note, Unless otherwise specified I do limit the availability of large size prints (>150 sq in) to five (does not include my own personal copy). NOTE: Commissioned works are not available for purchase to the public.

Do you have a wall, room or property you would like to decorate with unique pictures or a specific theme? Let me know, I would love to be your artist!

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