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Oh how I hated having my yearly portraits done when I was young... Yet, I knew no matter how much I disliked saying "Cheese" to get through the moment and no matter how much I disliked the result, my mom and dad couldn't wait to get the pictures home so they could send them off to family and friends and hang the new pictures of me and my siblings with the ones of years past.

One year my dad decided to take it upon himself to take the yearly portrait himself.  He went out and bought a camera, film, a backdrop and a light set.  I remember my parents pleading with us to keep our eyes open "AND" smile!  I can still recall the tears running down my cheeks as I struggled to keep my eyes open... .. I'm still not convinced my dad didn’t accidentally get the high school stadium light set.   There is no proof that this actually happened since I have never seen any of the pictures from this shoot.  But sitting on my shelf today is a set of studio lights from long ago. :)

Over the years the way we take pictures has changed significantly.  Social media and cameras built-in to our cellphones allow us to capture specific instances in time and share them with our friends.  Yet, the impact of the portrait still remains... It is still the one thing that can speak so much about who we are and capture that essence of our unique lives to share for years and generations to come.  The portrait is the perfect time capsule... in its simplest form it documents what someone looked like... But done right, it tells a story.

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